Study 9: “Association between chiropractic use and opioid receipt among patients with spinal pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis” Corcoran et al.

 This systematic review evaluated the association between receiving chiropractic care and being prescribed opioids. After a systematic search, six studies were included that reported that the prevalence of patients with spinal pain that receive chiropractic care ranges from 11.3% to 51.3%. Pooling all prescription and chiropractic care usage information from 62,624 patients in the included studies showed that receiving chiropractic care decreased the odds of being prescribed in an opioid by 64%. The key takeaway from this study is that the variability of care received by people with spinal pain can be high with some studies reporting up to half receiving chiropractic care. Of the people that do receive chiropractic care, they have significantly less odds to receive an opioid prescription compared to people that do not receive chiropractic care. Full study at:

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