Study 7: “Effect of usual medical care plus chiropractic care vs usual medical care alone on pain and disability among U.S. Service members with lower back pain: a comparative effectiveness clinical trial” Goertz et al.

 Clinical practice guidelines recommend care that may be delivered by a chiropractor (e.g., education, exercise, spinal manipulation), therefore, this study evaluated the effect of supplementing usual medical care with chiropractic care at military treatment facilities. Usual medical care was considered any treatment given by non-chiropractors such as, advice, pharmacologic, physical therapy, or pain clinic referral. The group with chiropractic care added on to usual medical care were allocated a maximum of 12 additional chiropractic visits. Results of this study suggest that adding chiropractic care leads to statistically significant improved low back pain intensity (6 and 12 weeks), function (6 and 12 weeks), and patient satisfaction (6 and 12 weeks) outcomes compared to usual medical care alone. The key takeaways from this study are that chiropractic care can be a low-risk, high-reward addition for low back pain outcomes and satisfaction in the military population. Full text is available at:

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