Study 5: “Development of an evidence-based practical diagnostic checklist and corresponding clinical exam for low back pain” Vining et al.

Using evidence from a systematic review, the author team constructed a checklist and exam that may lead clinicians to be able to diagnose nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain, and sensitization. We recommend reading the full article so clinicians can use these diagnostic criteria to inform and update their current clinical examination for low back pain. Evidence clearly demonstrate that “checklists” play a huge and valuable role in eliminating errors.  The concept of checklists and their value has been thankfully adopted by the airline industry and because of checklists, air travel is incredibly safe. Those same concepts are being incorporated in hospitals across the country to help avoid catastrophic issues in wrong surgeries and wrong patient procedures.  Adopting checklists in clinical practice can enhance clinical acumen in diagnosis as well as clinical outcomes. Full study available at:

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