Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spine IQ?

The Spine Institute for Quality™ (Spine IQ™) is a private, not-for-profit organization with the mission to define quality, demonstrate value and build trust in conservative spine care delivery.

Our vision

Spine IQ’s vision is a future in which health care systems consistently provide evidence-based, patient-centered spine care to the right individual at the right time, beginning with the safest, most conservative, effective, approaches available.


  • Clinical Data Registries: Establish clinical data registries that capture patient outcomes and process measures that enable spine care practitioners to benchmark the quality of care they provide.
  • Chiropractic Quality Recognition Program: Enable high-performance providers’ expertise to be recognized in the marketplace.
  • Practitioner Education: Increasing practitioner understanding and participation in relevant local and national quality initiatives. Spine IQ also serves as a conduit to evidence-based training materials that can assist practitioners in meeting performance measurement benchmarks and/or standards.
  • Spine Care Research: Conduct rigorous research using pragmatic study designs that answer policy-relevant questions about spine care delivery in real world settings.

Why was Spine IQ developed?

Spine IQ was developed to transform spine care by promoting conservative management of spine-related disorders. This is critical given the overwhelming public health significance of spine-related disorders and increasing concern that current widely used interventions may be ineffective and/or carry unacceptable levels of risk.

Who is eligible to join the Spine IQ registry?

Spine IQ is a multidisciplinary endeavor and is open to all state-licensed or certified health care professionals who assess and manage spine pain.

Why should I join the Spine IQAir Clinal Data Registry?

  • Track outcomes, such as change in pain intensity and pain interference across your entire patient population.
  • Improve patient follow-up by using data to identify patients who are not meeting performance benchmarks.
  • Demonstrate the value of your practice to patients, payers and other stakeholders by benchmarking yourself on 28 performance measures.
  • Meet Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulatory requirements for MIPS.
  • Contribute real patient data towards research efforts that can answer important questions about spine care best practices and performance-based payment systems.

What data will the Spine IQAir Clinical Data Registry collect?

The registry includes a total of 28 performance measures. These include four custom measures focused on patient-reported pain intensity, patient-reported pain interference, repeated x-ray use and avoidance of early MRI imaging.

You can review the 28 measures here.