Demonstrate the quality of your care

Spine IQ provides essential support for your practice.  Our Clinical Data Registry, Patient Satisfaction Data Collection Program, and Chiropractic Quality Recognition Program are tools that help you demonstrate the value of your treatments to your patients.

By joining these programs, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself among other clinicians who are also caring for patients with spine-related disorders.

Your participation will enhance your practice now, and it will help improve patient care in the future.  If you are a forward-looking clinician dedicated to using data to improve your practice, join us by selecting from the options below.

Clinical Data Registry
Clinical Data Registry / SpineIQAir*

$300 Annual Subscription

SpineIQAir is the only registry designed specifically for collecting information on conservative spine care. This unique tool will help you benchmark your performance against national standards and will help you complete insurer quality reports with ease. By selecting this option, you’ll be able to:

  • access more than 250 performance measures.
  • access evidence-based training materials.
  • participate in federal quality improvement programs, such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Quality Payment Program.
  • participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas Quality Payment Program, which provides a 1.5% incentive bonus to qualified doctors.
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Shot of a kind young nurse looking at a tablet with her elderly patient in a healthcare center
Patient Experience Data Collection Program

$250 Annual Subscription

Spine IQ can help you stay focused on patient-centered care by collecting patient satisfaction data directly from your patients.  Our web-based surveys are affordable and convenient for your patients.  You’ll receive confidential quarterly reports that compare your patient satisfaction data with other clinicians across the country. By selecting this option, you’ll be able to use patient satisfaction data to:

  • improve your practice.
  • qualify for the Spine IQ Quality Recognition Program (must have data from at least 30 patients to participate).
  • take a data-driven approach to marketing your practice.
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*All clinicians practicing conservative spine care, including chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and osteopaths are able to participate in the Clinical Data Registry and the Patient Satisfaction Data Collection Program.

Spine IQ Quality Recognition Program for Doctors of Chiropractic

Increase your visibility in the marketplace by joining the Spine IQ Quality Recognition Program.   This searchable database allows patients to enter their zip code and find Spine IQ recognized chiropractors in their area.  Depending on the level you select for participation, patients will be able to view on-line data in Healthgrades and Physcian Compare, see your patient scores, understand more about the treatments you provide, and see the commitment you have made to practice patient-centered, evidence based spine care.

Providers who refer patients to conservative spine care clinicians will also use this resource to search for the best chiropractors for their patients.  Demonstrate your commitment to providing evidence-based care by signing up below.

Bronze Quality Recognition

  • You have contributed data to the CMS Quality Payment Program.

Silver Quality Recognition

  • Spine IQ is independently collecting patient satisfaction data directly from your patients.
  • AND
  • Your patient satisfaction data is publicly available on the Spine IQ website.

Gold Quality Recognition

  • You are reporting data to the SpineIQAir clinical data registry.
  • AND
  • You have summary data from at least two SpineIQAir clinical data registry performance metrics pubicly available ont he Spine IQ website.