Patient Satisfaction Data Collection Program – Monthly

$25.00 / month


Spine IQ can help you stay focused on patient-centered care. Our surveys are convenient and easy to use for you and for your patients.  You’ll receive confidential reports that will provide invaluable insight about your practice.  By selecting this option, you’ll be able to:

  • track patient feedback using secure, HIPAA-compliant methods.
  • compare your patient satisfaction data with other clinicians across the country.
  • receive detailed quarterly reports (minimum of 30 patient participants).

A patient-centered practice requires direct feedback from the patient. However, this information can be difficult to collect in a busy clinical practice. Spine IQ addresses this issue by collecting satisfaction data directly from the patient in a rigorous and cost-effective manner using the AHRQ CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey 3.0 questionnaire. This process will include HIPAA compliant web-based and secure text messaging methodologies. It is important to note that Spine IQ is not able to access patient satisfaction data unless both the clinician and the patient agree. The patient is required to initiate the contact with Spine IQ in order to provide his or her data, which can only occur at the clinician’s request. Patients are not identifiable, and all data provided to the clinician or put on the Spine IQ website is in aggregate form only. Spine IQ will provide participating clinicians with confidential quarterly reports. Clinicians have the option of posting their patient satisfaction data on the Spine IQ website for public viewing if they choose to do so. Patient satisfaction data collection by Spine IQ provides clinicians with the following:

  • Quarterly reports are available to participating clinicians with a minimum of 30 patient participants, providing patient feedback on a number of domains related to patient satisfaction, including provider communication, access, provider rating, and care coordination.
  • Each report includes aggregated patient satisfaction data compared to an average of all clinicians who are participating in the Patient Satisfaction Rating Program and existing national benchmarks.
  • Custom reporting is available for an additional charge
  • DCs in the Patient Satisfaction Data Collection Program will be able to use their patient satisfaction data to meet either Step 1 and Step 3 of the Spine IQ Quality Recognition Program for Doctors of Chiropractic requirements.

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