The article was published as an EPub in JMPT on December 18, 2019 by Vining et al (disclosure, Dr. Goertz is the senior author on this paper).  Study authors used a modified Delphi process that involved 39 doctors of chiropractic with an average of 17 years of clinical experience practicing within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Participating DCs contributed towards the development of consensus statements on 6 components of multimodal chiropractic care, including patient education, passive interventions (eg: spinal manipulation), transitional interventions (eg: repeated motion exercise), active interventions (eg: mindfulness), self management strategies (eg: general exercise) and visit frequency/dose.

This study is important because it provides a road map for an evidence-informed, stepped process for the management of LBP by doctors of chiropractic AND many of the recommended treatments can be directed/supervised using virtual formats such as secure email, telephone calls and video visits.

Take home message – resources are available to help doctors of chiropractic navigate these difficult times using a combination of available technology and current research to take care of patients who are suffering from LBP during this already difficult time in our lives.

Open Access: Article

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